I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated with an International Business degree, my professional career began in the Aviation industry in 1991. I followed this path and eventually became a senior executive at an airline based in Miami. I’ve been residing with my family in this beautiful city since the year 2000.


Thinking of my extensive experience negotiating very complex 8+ figures contracts with my international clients, I decided to make a move and make people’s dreams come true. I love working close with those who are looking for their dream home. I enjoy walking this path with them and guiding them so this turns into the experience they had imagined it would be. Focusing  on high end property sales demands a high level of professional knowledge and reputation, both of which I have accumulated throughout the years in working with high level executives and with very demanding clients. I have always been recognized for my professional demeanor but equally important, my warmth and empathy when discussing delicate and, sometimes, emotional journeys with my clients. This is one of the most important decisions in anybody’s life!


I am extremely committed to continuously learning and always providing my clients with the best service as well as the most innovative and competitive marketing strategies and tools that will get their homes sold and into their next bigger and bolder adventures.


If you’re ready to make it happen, contact me and let’s discuss how you can definitely get into the home of your dreams while feeling supported by the right team of professionals. Have a home and ready to get into the next one? I have a unique approach to marketing and showing your home to the right audience that will pay what’s right for your property.


Don’t settle for less that a concierge level service.


Call me anytime! I’m ready!